Ethics Management

Alstor Management is committed to fulfilling its ethical responsibilities to build a company that is trusted for its integrity and fairness.

What is ethics management?

Ethics management refers to active compliance with economic and legal responsibilities as well as integrating ethical sensitivity into all decision making, policies, and actions. A broader notion of ethics management includes fulfilling philanthropic responsibilities of a good corporate citizen.

Why do we need ethics management?

As companies have a growing influence on national economy, society, and culture, public expectation towards corporate role and social responsibility is increasing accordingly.

Moreover, with intensifying globalization and cross-border trades, special importance has been attached to the issue of ethics in international trade.

Furthermore, international organizations such as UN and ISO have increased their efforts to establish global standards for corporate social responsibility and ethics management.

Such a shift in the business environment moved companies to realize that organizations that cling to business-as-usual practices may not be sustainable, and practice of ethical management is crucial to staying competitive and sustainable.

Against this backdrop, the company needs to uphold highest ethical standards in its businesses and take a systematic approach to ethical management to increase its responsiveness to such changes in the business environment, and create value , happiness ,respect and credibility for the company and diverse stakeholders.

Alstor Management, with this in mind, is committed to building a leading company that is trusted by the public for its integrity and fairness, and grows sustainably by practicing ethics management.